A Chukar Hunting Synopsis 

The phrase “the first time is for fun, everytime after that is for revenge” is a common sentence amoung chukar hunters describing the experience to a non or soon to be chukar hunter. -Let me tell you the real description-

Chukar run uphill and fly down hill-makes sense right? -nope! But if they did the opposite, that would just be too easy.

Essentially what your going to experience during chukar hunting is the following: your legs will eventually (or right away) be screaming profanities at you, your lungs will be straining and feeling like a old/ over full balloon, your arms will become numb from carrying a gun for endless hours; and your brain will be asking itself “why are you doing this?” But you keep pushing-because ahead of you is a pointer, who just got birdy.

So you trek on; then all at once it happens- the dog goes on point. Now your holding your gun like a badass, your legs have become bionic and your lungs have quieted their threats of bleeding.

All this happens in an instant, and within seconds birds are in the air and shots are being fired. Many chukar hunters black out at this point (no, not because they finished the liquid in their flask) it’s the type of black out where you don’t even have to think about what your doing- it’s second nature. Your brain carries out the task subconsciously.

Why do it if you aren’t guaranteed success? -you may ask. Well, you do it not to feel all those things: tired legs, overworked lungs, numb fingers and arms, but you do it to feel them go away. Even if you don’t kill a single bird, you are still successful- if you get to feel that moment, you’re successful.

That my friend, is my description of chukar hunting.


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