It’s hard to come up with words about recent violent events, events that stretch back to my early teens and are as recent as today. I don’t understand how a world can be so hateful, how emotions get taken and turned into a violent act. I mainly don’t understand where this hatred comes from within our souls.

We (the USA, the world) have defaulted- we turn to violence, to hate and to anger. Humans have become materialistic, obsessed with drama, obsessed with who is doing what. I fear that this trend will continue, lives will be lost and souls will be darkened; we will become hardened and will recognize this violence as normal.I get an overwhelming feeling of sadness, shame, grief and heartache from the thought of this.

 The human spirit however can recover; it can be freed of the hate, the anger, sadness and grief and be rebuilt. But for now I cry-I cry for soldiers, for cops, for firefighters, for paramedics, for innocent civilians and families. I cry for my future children who will be exposed to a world like this.
Some may argue the violence comes from our differences, and that triggers our souls to hate. If we all focused on improving ourselves more: our personality, our kindness, and our happiness we wouldn’t have TIME to focus on others differences, we wouldn’t have time to hate. So let them be different, let yourself be different! When you eventually leave this earth and your soul leaves your body, being different makes no difference… and it makes none while you are here.

The wilderness is my place, and my time to relax, to enjoy the natural things, to survive and to thrive in a place with no contrived distractions. I will continue to go here, I will continue to be my “different” self- because I honestly don’t know what else to do.  




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